Yurbin E. Velásquez

Attorney At Law

Yurbin E. Velasquez, a practicing attorney for over twenty years. Yurbin is a licensed attorney in two countries: The United States and Venezuela. He is also a Master of Laws (LLM) from Tulane University. He specializes in the area of personal injury and maritime law, working to bring his clients the compensation they deserve for physical or emotional trauma associated with car accidents, a maritime accident, shipyard accident, longshoreman accident, workplace accidents, and a variety of other circumstances. He also works to advocate for the families of someone killed as the result of another person’s negligence or dangerous actions (wrongful dead). One hundred percent of his law practice is dedicated to men and women who have been affected by personal injury, giving him the experience and knowledge to fight effectively for his clients. Yurbin Velasquez is a native of Venezuela, where he completed his undergraduate education. He also first earned his law license in 1993 in that country before moving to the United States and obtaining a Masters in Laws degree at Tulane University Law School in 1998. He was admitted to the Louisiana Bar in 1999 and the Texas Bar in 2008. Yurbin Velasquez is able to speak with his clients effectively in both English and Spanish, which has proven to be of great comfort to so many men and women who are in need of legal assistance and may speak English as a second language. Yurbin Velasquez believes that each legal case is different. Your case deserves and requires an experienced and competitive lawyer at your side, one who is not afraid to go to court, if case need be. More importantly, for Yurbin Velasquez your case is personal, and you are not just a number in the firm.