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Road Rash Severity Determine how bad it is. by Dan Christensen | Nov 27, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most typical varieties of non-fatal motorcycle injuries is road rash. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration estimates that even in small collisions, 90 percent of all motorcycle crash victims suffer from some–if not multiple–degrees of the injury. Parkland Memorial alone treats tens of thousands of instances of motorcycle abrasions a calendar year, varying from first-degree cuts into acute third-degree wounds.

So if you do suffer from road rash, how can you know if you have to get medical care?

On a Scale of One to Three, How Bad Is Your Road Rash?

Road rash happens as a consequence of your skin being dragged throughout the floor or sidewalk in a bicycle crash. The power of this collision can either throw you to the floor where you will slip, or make you be hauled below your bicycle because it skids. In any event, any exposed skin will get grated on the floor, causing painful scratches and abrasions.

Although most road rash accidents aren’t fatal by themselves–many motorcycle fatalities show signs of road rash alongside other fatal injuries–the damage it can cause to tissue, muscle, nerves, in addition to potential infection–can result in permanent damage and scarring.

Make certain that you make the appropriate remedy you require for your road rash kind by knowing the distinction between a minor and an ominous abrasion.

Degrees of Severity

  • First-degree (minor) street burn is identified by small scrapes, swelling, redness, slight bleeding, and tenderness. Even though you need to still get it checked by a physician, you can probably clean and dress the wound yourself.
  • Second Degree (serious).   Second-degree rashes exhibit swelling, swelling, radiate warmth, and are painful to the touch. There’ll be exposed muscle, tendons, or nerves.
  • Third Degree (acute).   Third-degree burns may cause the skin to really flay off completely–damaging bone, muscle, and nerves. You’ll probably see exposed muscle, tendons, bones, or nerves–and it can cover more than 10 percent of your body. Scarring, deformity, and disease are common, so it’s critical that you seek medical attention immediately and try to not touch with the abrasions as infection may set in quickly.
    Getting Help to Reduce the Anxiety Following a motorcycle accident–even if the incident was modest–you still ought to ensure your accidents are assessed by a health professional. Not only can they help to positively diagnose the seriousness, but they may also properly wash and treat the cuts and abrasions to avoid possible infections.

Getting Help to Soothe the Pain

Although many bikers claim road rash is a “badge of honor,” that badge may wind up affecting your life. When you go through a catastrophic motorcycle injury as a result of somebody else’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation for your damages. You don’t have to allow your own scars be the only thing you remove from the ordeal–let’s help you receive the help and reassurance you deserve.

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